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Tso Wikipedia
Cold Water + Turkish Delight + Turkish Coffee

--Kmoksy 15:43, 1 Dzome 2010 (UTC)[donu]


This kind of page, with absolutly no content, is not a stub, and might be quickly deleted. If you don't know Ewe, just don't create articles here.

Will you quickly add content to these pages you created yesterday ?


--Hercule 16:30, 1 Dzome 2010 (UTC)[donu]

I understood that it's the name in Ewe. But a Wikipedia is not a dictionnary, so your creations are out of the project scope. It's the same on every Wikipedia.
You can contribute on Wikipedias you don't know the language, but you should limit your contributions to formatting, or template creation. Not to articles creation, except if you're able to insert a minimum of details in the correct language.
--Hercule 17:22, 1 Dzome 2010 (UTC)[donu]
Deletion was quick because we have a special page to delete the creation of a user. Thank you for your work on categories (and Babel templates).
--Hercule 18:16, 1 Dzome 2010 (UTC)[donu]

Deletion request[trɔ asi le etsoƒe ŋu]

Wò kã ɖe edzi bena yea lɔ̃ bena mía tutu axa siaa?
(Are you sure you want your user page deleted?)--Natsubee 00:15, 27 Afɔfiɛ 2011 (UTC)[donu]

Ázɔ̃́, I give up. Eʋe Wikipiɖia ̍lá mé-delete o. --Kmoksy 04:04, 27 Afɔfiɛ 2011 (UTC)[donu]