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Subclass ofEquidae, domesticated mammal, milk yielding animal Trɔ asi le eŋu
Has useequestrianism, draft animal, chariot, horse-drawn vehicle Trɔ asi le eŋu
Taxon nameEquus ferus caballus Trɔ asi le eŋu
Taxon ranksubspecies Trɔ asi le eŋu
Taxon common namecaballu, horse, omid Trɔ asi le eŋu
Has effectallergy to horses Trɔ asi le eŋu
Studied inhippology Trɔ asi le eŋu
Depicted byhorses in art Trɔ asi le eŋu
Gaithorse gait Trɔ asi le eŋu
Has characteristicimpulsion Trɔ asi le eŋu
Used byequestrian Trɔ asi le eŋu
Useshorseshoe Trɔ asi le eŋu
Produced soundneigh Trɔ asi le eŋu
Unicode character🐎, 🐴 Trɔ asi le eŋu
Category for the view of the itemCategory:Views of horses Trɔ asi le eŋu


Nyasiawo ƒe tsoƒe[trɔ asi le eŋu | trɔ asi le etsoƒe ŋu]

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